The Founder Of Three Successful & Reputable Services Makes A Massive Comeback To Revive Football Punters During Summer Break With 77% Strike Rate Summer Break Tips At Odds Of 2.08

Ken Ward here, I’m known for my numerous successful American sports services which include:

Within Only 5 Months Of NFL, My Members Made Nearly £4,000 From Ken Ward Profit Machine:

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Most recently, you may have heard of my runaway success with the Three-point basketball tipping service where members made over £12K over the past year!

It’s been successful for a couple years now and everybody in the betting industry is talking about it.

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Now before we continue ask yourself these questions:

Why are you betting? Are you chasing a thrill?
Is it extra income?

As we all know the house always wins.

Bookies make billions of pounds every year giving us crappy odds and selling us fantasies.

Let me tell you what you been doing wrong so far.

It’s simple, would you invest thousands of pounds in an investment purely on gut feeling? Would you trust a random stranger on the streets to pull your teeth out? Would you buy a second-hand car of the internet without finding out its history?

Why do we treat betting differently? Bookies always have the advantage because they are PROFESSIONALS.

Now I understand no one wants to spend HOURS working out complicated statistics and trawling the internet for the latest news on numerous teams and players.

This I where I come in, I do all the hard work and you will JUST open your inbox and follow the tips.

For a few years now, I have been making money betting on football leagues in America.

I have a genuine history full of successful betting services in a market filled with pretenders and fraudsters.

I have made it my business in life to beat the bookies I do this as my full-time employment and all my customers always have my complete and utter attention.

I have made myself enemy number one with the bookies for the past few years I have helped my customers really take a hit to bookies profit margins.

Check Out What My Customers Have Said About My Previous Products:

“...Bets Placed 44, Lost 16, Won 28”

john Chapman

Hi Ken,

I do the betting via Sky and I commenced signing up with you on the 7th August - exactly 1 month ago today, so a good time to look at figures.

Bets placed 44, lost 16, won 28.

I started with £20 for each bet and I'm delighted to say that your excellent strike rate has increased to a plus figure of £255 as of today

Well done, please keep up the good work. I hope this gives you a good feeling - you are on the right track

John Chapman

Hi Ken,

Another great winner today! Since joining your service just over 1 month ago I have made over $3,500 clear profit. I have 3 sportsbook accounts and bet $100 on each of your selections.

I am one happy punter. Keep up the great work.

Michael Wright

“...Made over $3,500 clear profit”

Michael Wright

I bet alongside you - share my success and occasional losses.

My email is filled with thousands of success stories that I have contributed to, nothing makes me happier than a customer making their money and sending me screenshots of their big wins and monthly profits.

Now you KNOW with me you will succeed, I am the real deal and I do exactly what it says on the tin.

The betting industry as you well know are filled with liars, so I understand your caution.

That’s why I have managed to build trust within the betting industry over the past few years with a selection of successful services.

Below you will find my incredible results for last year on my Ken Ward Soccer Tips:

This is a LIVE Google spreadsheet that you can scroll with your mouse

As you can see I have a history of running profitable betting services.


The Premier League has ended and so will football in most of the top leagues in Europe, this is now the perfect time to look, expand your betting portfolio and start looking at football leagues that play during the summer time.

Ken Ward’s Soccer Tips will be focusing on tips from leagues in the American continent - mainly the MLS - which will keep you entertained right up until the start of the new English season in August. But I will also be sending out tips on leagues in South America and Central America.

This means you will have a chance to make profit everyday, non-stop throughout not just the whole summer but all year round!

For those of you that don’t know me let me briefly introduce myself

Hi, my name is Ken Ward.

I’ve been betting for the past 29 years without much success until four years ago.

Now just like you, I worked hard during the week working as a mechanic and I spent my weekends in the bookies hoping to get lucky betting on all sorts from football to greyhounds to football. But only occasionally was I successful and my betting habits really started to become a burden on my family.

I began searching for a way to have consistent winners, so I read guides I subscribed to many different tipsters and gurus; still my wins were not consistent enough.

Around four years ago I decided enough is enough.

I stopped all subscriptions, threw out all them useless guide books and decided to take matters in my own hands.

I decided I wanted to go into a niche market, I wanted to find sports that has huge money-making potential for me which is not popular with the punters in the UK.

That’s when I turned my attention to the American Sports markets.

I managed to master the three main sports in the US; NFL, Basketball and Baseball. As you saw above I have managed to make a great living out of betting on those sports and helping thousands of people make money along the way!

Why Bet on Football (soccer) Leagues in America?

Last year, I managed to hit a strike rate of 77% on average odds of 2.08 betting on teams in the American continents. I wanted to compare my spreadsheet for last year to some previous years when I was betting exclusively on the Premier league and Spanish league. The difference blew my mind.

I was previously spending all my time betting on popular leagues like the Premier League and the La Liga which were unpredictable and had lower odds than leagues in American continents.

But as you can see not only was I enjoying a much higher strike rate betting on football in the American continents, I was also enjoying much better odds.

What Will I Get?

The main points to this service are
  • Easy
    Only requires an email address and a device to access it
  • Cheap
    This system will not cost you £100 or you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription but it will only cost you (price)
  • Safe
    We will never ask you to make a bet on something we wouldn’t do ourselves and never will ask you to break your bank to stake your bet
  • Consistent
    Sit back as the money consistently rolls in every day with no breaks
  • Great Service
    We have a dedicated customer service team which will answer any problems or queries

Now let me just tell you there is no guarantee to success in this betting market but this product is the closest thing to it.

So, if you do dream of financial independence, steady streams of income into your bank each month, secure futures for you and yours. Then grasp this opportunity with both hands as places on this subscription service are only available for a very limited amount of time.

I have made it a personal vendetta to take hammer to the bookies profit margins, for decades they have been ripping of the British punters with unfair odds. This is your chance to join the fight against them by Joining Ken Wards Soccer tips and cashing winner after winner with the bookies.

MLS season started not long ago, join in from the beginning because this is a train you do not want to miss!

Join Ken Ward’s Soccer Tips For The 2018 Season At Only £50 £24.95

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“...Made over $3,500 clear profit”

Michael Wright

Hi Ken,

Another great winner today! Since joining your service just over 1 month ago I have made over $3,500 clear profit. I have 3 sportsbook accounts and bet $100 on each of your selections.

I am one happy punter. Keep up the great work.

Michael Wright